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Protect your product with aluminum

Packaging for modern lifestyles has to meet the challenges of ultimate protection, great convenience, light weight and easy recyclability. Aluminum is the solution.

Take away food in foil boxes in Chinese restaurant kitchen

We develop sophisticated packaging, using the unique properties of aluminum to fulfil the specific hygiene, transport and con­venience requirements of the industry.

Impenetrable and renewable

Aluminum is impenetrable to light, gas and water vapor. Even when only six microns thin, aluminum keeps the contents fresh for long. We supply every need in flexible, semi-rigid and rigid aluminum packaging. Aluminum can be recycled and re-used again and again.

Unlimited packaging design and functionality

Aluminum remains solid even at high temperatures, yet it has high thermal conductivity which is ideal for swiftly cooling down your drink or heating up your meal. It offers nearly unlimited possibilities in packaging design and functionality.