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Strip for offset printing plates

Printed media provide news and entertainment to billions around the world every day. With our extensive experience in the manufacture of lithographic strip for offset printing plates, we make an invaluable contribution to peoples' quality of life.

rolled litho plate

Hydro’s HA1052B alloy offers enhanced features in H18 and H19 temper. It is based on our HA1052 universal alloy for offset printing applications. With our new surface treatment, HPSplus, we ensure an optimized homogeneous surface that enables offset plate manufacturers to add value to their process chain, providing increased throughput rates on the production line, higher energy efficiency and consistent product quality. All our products are suitable for mechanical and electrochemical graining, with gauge-range of 0.1–0.5 mm and width-range of up to 1,650 mm.

Key features

  • State-of-the-art high-performance alloys
  • Excellent grainability
  • Highest surface quality
  • Covering highest flatness demands
  • Specifically developed mechanical properties

Application areas

  • Offset printing plates
  • Applications with similar surface requirements

How we can help you

  • High quality products and services to serve our customers' needs
  • Ability to develop dedicated customer solutions
  • Litho colleagues to share our extensive expertise in the manufacture of lithographic strip
  • Customer consultancy
  • Common platforms for a streamlined interaction between our customers and us
  • Scrap recycling offerings

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