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Plain aluminum foil for aseptic packaging applications

With its outstanding barrier properties and contributions to the sealing process, aluminum foil guarantees the excellent material and filling performance of aseptic and retortable packaging.

rolled up aluminium

Aluminum foil in packaging keeps foodstuffs fresh for months without refrigeration. It prevents the contents from losing nutritional value, vitamins or aroma – and gives total protection against light, moisture, oxygen, foreign matter contamination and damage.

Sustainable and waste-minimizing

Foil-lined liquid cartons are light – requiring only approximately 1.4 g of aluminum to package 1 liter of filling – easy to transport and ensure full, long-life protection. Advanced separation and recycling techniques allow effective aluminum foil recovery from used packaging waste streams.

Quality and reliability

Hydro is one of the world’s leading suppliers of thin-gauge aluminum foil for liquid aseptic packaging, with thicknesses down to 0.006–0.012 mm and widths up to 2020 mm. With our devotion to quality, reliability and environmental performance, we are able to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Tailor-made foil

Our foil is tailored and tested, ready for further processing and converting to your own production equipment. We guarantee excellent unwinding properties and trouble-free runability to provide maximum productivity.

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