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Primary Metal

Hydro is one of the leading suppliers of extrusion ingots, sheet ingots, foundry alloys, wire rods and high-purity aluminum with a global production network.

We have primary metal production facilities in Europe, Canada, Australia, Brazil and Qatar, and recycling facilities in Europe and the US. Two-thirds of our primary aluminum production is based on renewable energy. We also offer prime-quality aluminum made with the highest content of post-consumer scrap in the market (>75%), which gives our recycled aluminum our industry’s lowest carbon footprint.

In 2018, we had metal product sales of 2.8 million metric tonnes, from casthouses integrated with our primary smelters and from our extensive network of specialized recycling facilities close to customers in Europe and the US. 


  • 4,858 employees
  • 17 locations
  • 9,196 revenue (MNOK)